I'm a percussionist, music lover, and beats maker.  In the late 70's I made my first homemade boombox to go on my bike because, I couldn't afford one from the store. By the 80's as a teenager I could be found in Downtown Sacramento in a tunnel "poppin" with my homemade boombox. 

True story; once, I got cited by the Police due to"excessive noise and disturbing the peace" and my box was confiscated. But, I was just a kid having fun, dancing, listening to music, but, I knew then that my boombox was something not to compete with. 

Now, 30 years later I'v decided to share my talent and love of music. I'm simply bringing back what's missing from our hip-hop culture and that's fun! I'm "Puttin the Funk back in the Fun". When you turn one of my boomboxes on, you'll understand the meaning of being able to feel your music versus listening to your music. 

Every boombox I make is different and I put a lot of time and care into creating something that looks good and sounds even better. Each one is personal to me, and earns a name based on its sound and look. My family dances to everyone I make that's how we quality check each boombox. 

 All boomboxes are upcycled made from used suitcases, chest, and more. The minor defects should be expected but, bring more character to each one. No, two are alike so, your getting a one of kind piece of art. 

If you have a special order request feel free to drop me an email at  getanthonysbeats@gmail or hit me up on any one of my social media accounts.

 May the Funk be with you!

"Anthonys Beats -#puttingthefunkbackinthefun